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David Stribbling

David Stribbling
David Stribbling

I was born in 1955 in Middlesex, England and had an interest in art from an early age which developed during my school years. Since then I have had
experience in interior design and electrical retail management and in 1978 moved to Preston, Lancashire (about 35 miles from Liverpool) where I still
live with my wife and three daughters.

I began painting full-time in 1985 and soon realized I had the “knack” of creating likenesses of people and animals and fairly quickly established
myself as a portrait painter, supplying pictures to galleries and private collections world-wide.

In 1989, eager to try new things, I began painting a wider diversity of subject matter including aviation, sporting and wildlife and the subsequent
acclaim for this work led me to open my own art gallery in Preston. After 6 years running the gallery I began to feel a little bogged down by the
day to day running of the retail side and not spending enough time with brush and easel. So in 1996 I closed the gallery and set up a small studio
in the attic at home and concentrated on doing some serious painting.

I have always been asked to produce portraits of pets – cats, dogs horses etc and it was from this that I began painting other wildlife
subjects, particularly African and the “big cats”. I now feel priviliged to consider myself a wildlife artist and never cease to be
amazed and delighted to see the canvas come to life before my eyes.

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