Virtual Exhibition Brita Seifert

Brita Seifert gilded

On Sunday, December 13th, 2020, we’ll open the exhibition “Brita Seifert gilded”.

We’ll show an overview of the current brilliant drawings in our exhibition rooms of Pictura Gallery in Aijen, North Limburg. The internationally renowned artist is known for her extremely realistic drawings, which, with the patience of angels, she brings velvety-soft to canvas and paper and awakes them there to life.

But this exhibition is not just about drawings, it’s also about the presentation. Picture frames are often neglected and dismissed as accessories. This time we want to pay special attention to the frame and show what influence a good frame has on the work of art. We work with the largest frame manufacturers in the Netherlands and we also present, for the first time in Europe, the very artistic and elegant frames from Gold Leaf Studios in Australia.

The sculptor Noor Brandt will also present her sculptures at this exhibition. As a sculptor, she strives for figurative sculptures that exude a certain “joie de vivre”. With representations of people and animals, she tries to show stories, movements or shapes that primarily bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

The exhibition can be visited until March 17th., 2021