Walter Elst

Walter Elst

Walter Elst is the oldest of 3 children born in Antwerp on March 13, 1955. At the age of 13 he knows for sure: “I am a painter”. Determined, he contacts the painter Leon Lommaert, who lives in Schilde. Walter Elst remained his loyal student of landscape and portrait painting for 10 years until his death in 1978. In that period, they cross the Belgian Kempen, packed with sketch and painting stuff, to study and capture the beauty of untouched nature in wonder and admiration.

Afterwards he is apprenticed to still life painter Raymond Van Hoeck in Antwerp and undergoes influences from Petrus Valckx and Willem Dolphyn. The latter in particular will leave a lasting mark on his work.
In 1978 he married An Van de Sompel who gave him 3 children: Stijn (1979), Sarah (1987) and Steven (1988).
Despite his artistic ambition, Walter Elst graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 1982 as a Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics. It is his wife An who convinces and motivates him to follow his vocation and choose to be an artist. In 1984 he enrolled as an independent artist.
Since March 1996 Walter Elst is exclusively represented by Galerie Utrecht (now Morrengalleries).

1984: Eerste solotentoonstelling op uitnodiging van het Davidsfonds te Ekeren (België).
1990- 1997: Diverse tentoonstellingen in het Hof De Bist te Ekeren.
1996: eerste van de reeks jaarlijkse tentoonstellingen in Galerie Utrecht te Nederland.
1998: deelname tentoonstelling Financiegebouw op uitnodiging van Stad Antwerpen, België.
2001: 1e Biografie: “De Natuur is voor mij mooi genoeg” i.s.m. Galerie Utrecht.
2002: deelname tentoonstelling Museum Jan van der Togt te Amstelveen, Nederland.
2007: Overzichtstentoonstelling in “DeSynagoge” te Kampen op uitnodiging van Gemeente Kampen, Nederland.
2009: Overzichtstentoonstelling in “Slot Zeist” op uitnodiging van Gemeente Zeist, Nederland.
2010: 2e Biografie: “De Meester van het Stilleven” i.s.m. Galerie Utrecht.
Vermeld in het Biografisch Woordenboek der Kunstenaars in België na 1830.

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