Irina Buivolova

hyperrealistic flowers painting narcissus

Irina Buivolova, contemporary artist, lives and works in Ukraine. She paints landscapes, flowers, nature in the style of realism and hyperrealism. The paintings are made in oil on canvas. The artist uses bright, clear colors in hers paintings, and the contrast of the dark background only emphasizes the richness of colors. Attention to detail is another distinctive feature of the works. Using a brush and paints, the artist conveys the beauty of the world, the beauty of nature, this art is sincere and real, it is clear to everyone – from a professional connoisseur to an ordinary viewer. “I paint what I love, what I admire, it’s a beautiful sunset, blossoming flower, morning dew on the petals, splashes of waves, in my painting I try to show the beauty of nature.” – says Irina.

The artist’s paintings can be found in galleries, private collections in Ukraine and abroad.



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