Antonio Cazorla

Antonio Cazorla

Antonio Cazorla González was born in 1971 in Punta Umbría, Spain. From a very early age he showed an exceptional interest and aptitude for drawing and painting. This was further supported by his surroundings. By the age of ten he had already painted oil works.

After years of studying and exhibiting, in 1989 he initiated his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, where he took up residence. The experience in this city, so rich in art and its university was decisive for his career. His exemplary record as a student earned him the Landscape Grant of El Paular (Madrid). Here he shared experiences with the best students of the rest of universities of Spain. After his degree he attended the doctorate course. During those years his paintings evolved technically, maturing and becoming more personal. That evolution determined his professional course, and enhanced his critical and perfectionist characteristics.

In the next years, he participated in exhibitions and art fairs throughout Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Málaga, Huelva, Santander, etc.) and further afar in countries such Portugal and Belgium (Lisbon and Brussels).

At the beginning of 2002 Antonio and his wife, Sara, moved to England. They lived in West Sussex, first in Rustington, and after several months they moved to the inspirational landscape of Arundel. Once settled in, Antonio became as one with his surroundings and painted with increased vigour and flair. He developed both technically and artistically. Such confidence led him to be proactive to find a suitable location to house such fine, precise and visually stunning art work. The prestigious Albemarle gallery of London, located in the district of Mayfair, one of the most exclusive areas in the city, was the most suitable environment to display such sensitivity. His work was appreciated and critically praised by the managing director of the gallery. Immediate his seductive and exquisite images led him to include him as an artist of the gallery. From then, the admiration of his work by the general public of one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, began and continues to this day.

Antonio Cazorla participated in two collective exhibitions in the summer and winter of 2003. In both exhibitions Cazorla was identified as a significant and fine artist by both critics and the general public. He also exhibited in the Arundel Gallery Trail that summer, the venue being this time his studio. It was noted by the local press as one of the most visited locations. The local press were very excited about his inclusion and his work was critically acclaimed as a fine example when thinking about art as a sensitive, precise discipline.

In June of 2004 he participated in the international art fair ARTLONDON in Chelsea, visited every year by thousands of people. In this important art fair he showed a selection of his fine art work. This work was exhibited a week after this event in his first solo exhibition at the Albemarle Gallery in London. The exhibition allowed critics and the general public to experience 23 of his paintings. This solo exhibition was his definitive presentation to the English public.

After two years and a half of experiences in England, in september of 2004 Antonio Cazorla moved back to Spain. After this he was awarded by The Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities of Huelva, and also with the “Distinción 26 de Abril” of Punta Umbría.

In 2006 and 2008 he presented his second and third solo show in London, repeating the success of the previous one with a complete sell-out.

Antonio has participated in more than a hundred group and solo exhibitions throughout Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands and USA.

In 2013 he was named Favorite Son of Punta Umbría, in gratitude for his artistic career.

In 2014 he will present his first solo show at the prestigious Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York.

Cazorla’s work is found in private and public collections worldwide.

The Albemarle Gallery describes his work as follows:

“His painting combines the domain of drawing, colour and technique, which reflect calmness and sensitivity. The treatment is delicate, exquisite and precise. It is construction and poetry. It is reality that captures the air and aura of the objects and figures represented. His paintings range over many subjects, from fruit or shells to nudes and landscapes. The aroma of the fruits can be perceived. The beach and the shells bring the breeze and the sea of his native land. Focusing on the beauty and sensuality of the female form, the lonely nudes show a high level of knowledge and technical brilliance.”

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