Alexander Timofeev

Alexander Timofeev DE
Alexander Timofeev DE, Disce Gaudere

”Alexander Timofeev has definitely achieved recognition. After more than thirty solo exhibitions and his participation in the most prominent artfairs, where from he received the most positive reactions from important art collectors and curators. He has as well been discovered by the leading museums all over the world. In 2008 he has had a solo- and group- shows in the prestigious Russian Museum in St. Petersbourg, and exhibitions in the Ludwig Forum in Aken and the Museum of Modern Art in Athenes are scheduled for 2009 and 2010 accordingly.
Alexander Timofeev is a young artist, born in 1971 in St. Petersbourg. He followed a traditional training at the acadmy in St. Petersbourg, where he developed a strong sense of technique and material, color and compositions, – the basis which became so significant for his recent work. By means of his unfallible technique he makes painting very rare and unique in their style and vividness. In 1994, after graduating from the academy, Timofeev has moved to Germany, where he now lives and works.
Growing up in a country with an unstable political system switching from communism to capitalism, Timofeev has developed his approach towards strong society criticism. He sees the progress bound to god and idelogy as being the atrophy of materialism and being as well inherent to the visual arts. It is a development against which he revolts. He believes that art is primarily an expression of personal feelings, beliefs and convictions with no concession to be made in regards to the society. A society driven by consumerism as being the all defining factor threatening art to lose its content and quality. In this context, the paintings of Timofeev are the expression of his deepest personal thoughts. However, he does not want to impose his own vision, rather his paintings are to be associative for their viewers.
Re-occuring elements such as the red lipstick, high heels, scars, cloth and cigarettes are forming a certain symbolic language. He paints situations emphasizing different relations between people, who are depicted as figures of a theatrical mis-en-scene. His works evoke very ambivalent feelings, suggesting paradoxes. On one hand, the beauty of the figures, delicately reproduced through the refined skin texture and clothing, is extremely attractive. On the other hand, the images evoke mostly oppressive feelings. The viewers are confronted to themes such as sexuality and death, abused innocence and manipulated naivety ”



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