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Drago Pečenica

Drago Pečenica
Drago Pečenica

Drago is from origin a Bosnian artist. He has been living and working in the Netherlands since 1992.
After experimenting with different techniques, he chose to follow  his passion for drawing;
which happens to be his greatest talent. His drawings are incredibly precise and nature is often the subject.
When Drago arrived in the Netherlands he made only pen drawings.
He then discovered the scraper-board and began to make drawings with washed ink.
The black, white and grey tones that he uses help to create a particularly vivid impression of organic structures;
such as the bark of a tree or grasses. Drago has spent a long time perfecting the (simple) scraper-board technique and
has transformed it into something unique. He draws on a special type of cardboard that is coated
with a thin layer of plaster; he then paints on top with water colours.
With the aid of a surgeon’s magnifier he cuts fine lines into the painted layer,
exposing the white surface beneath; he then uses transparent washes of paint to add the final touches.
His artwork incorporates three techniques, drawing, painting and scratching;
with a result that commands respect for craftsmanship, patience and perfectionism of its creator.


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