Stefano Zagaglia

Stefano ZagagliaStefano Zagaglia

The fascination of this wild creatures is largely maintained if we talkabout house pets, too.
Even without the seduction that surroundsa life of freedom, conquest, hardness and adhesion to perfect themselves,
they conquer us with something else, that is very close, familiar,made of small everyday gestures.
Their looks of tenderness, moments of affection, vibrating purr, their wet snouts on our knees.
They are also the unforgettable eyes of the creatures that live with usevery morning and every evening; those who love us above
all andevery night after a hard day, tah t is not always a perfect one, they comfort and cheer up, warm nestling close to us.

And my work…wants to make the due homage, deserved and too often unrecognized, from the man to his brothers.

The process of realization of one of my portraits is quite complex.
Obviously the first step is the creative part, the choice of the subject and the feeling that conveys.
When I start my research, I think back about the moments spent with the company of the animals I want to portray and I look for that emotion inside of me. Then I analyze the material I collect during my travels with the help of books and web too.
I wait while I observe the images that a flash, a spark, suggest me to choose one subject rather than another.
It could be a light that hits the muzzle from a side or a particularly intense expression.
Or a strong and poetic situation capable of telling a moment in a suggestive way.
I always look for an interesting cut, not trivial, perhaps unusual, that can prefer the whole, the play of colors,
lights, plasticity, rather than choosing to follow the classical canons of the portrait.

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