Lorna Hamilton

Lorna Hamilton

Lorna Hamilton graduated in 1995 with BA (Hons) Fine Art; since graduating she has been practising as a full time artist from her studio in N.Ireland.

She is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and Artist for Conservation. She has exhibited across the United States and England. Most notably she has exhibited in the prestigious ‘Birds in Art’ Show, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and was selected to be the cover artist for the 2008 Artists for Conservation Show book. In 2010, she held her first wildlife solo exhibition with sell out success followed by another sell out solo exhibition in 2012.

Lorna’s work has been featured on a number of television programmes on RTE and BBC television.

She has a passion for all wildlife and nature. She desires that her paintings would impact people spiritually, emotionally and educationally.

Lorna also has a keen interest in the marine environment and qualified as a scuba diver in 2012. Lorna dives regularly with her local club and seeks to explore the marine environments around the world. In May, 2013 Lorna was invited to be part of a marine expedition to the Cayman Islands to study the coral reefs with a particular interest in Green Turtles, an endangered species.( Please see weekly blog for more information on this project)

My Wildlife Passion

My passion for wildlife grew from a small seed at a time when I felt very low as an artist. Following a very successful exhibition in 2000 I lost all confidence in painting. For 4 years I did not complete a painting and barely lifted a paint brush. My time was spent working on pencil portrait commissions. I was happy with this for a time however I felt unsatisfied and that something was missing. I wanted to paint for me, I wanted to paint with passion and love for what I was doing and not just because I was asked too. In 2005, I had almost reached breaking point when, an opportunity to travel to Banff in Canada arose. It was an amazing experience encountering all sorts of wildlife I’d never seen before. My passion for nature and wildlife was ignited! While I was there I also picked up a little sketch book by a famous Canadian wildlife artist called Robert Bateman. As soon as I saw his work I said, ‘ this is what I want to be, a wildlife artist’ !

I came home and immediately began painting. The first number of paintings were terrible, but I was focused and knew that I could do it. A year later I sold my first wildlife painting of a Meerkat! The following year, I was accepted into Society of Animal Artists exhibiting my first painting in America. The year after, I exhibited in another US show and my painting hung next to Robert Bateman’s! When I look at where I am today and remember where I have come from, I am amazed and overwhelmed. I had nothing but God has blessed me with much!

Why choose one of Lorna’s paintings?

Firstly a purchase should be based on whether or not you love the painting. It is important that the painting means something to you and that you are going to enjoy it every day you look at it. You do not need to be an expert in art, you just need to know what you like, it’s your money, your wall, you will be looking at it, no one else, and so there is no need to feel intimidated!

Secondly, it’s a good investment. The paintings Lorna produces are on the best quality Belgian linen and are painted with artist quality paints aiding its longevity. Each painting is entirely a ‘one off’, there are no copies, no series or themes. This greatly increases the value of the painting. Although people mostly buy Lorna’s work for the love of it, Lorna is keen that her art would increase in value for both her own satisfaction as well as the client’s investment.


There are many artists out there producing work in as little as one hour or one day, this means a higher production of pieces in a year. Consider one artist producing one piece a day…..that’s over 300 paintings a year!

Lorna produces approximately 30 paintings a year; this is a much slower production rate due to the complexity and research required for each painting. Some of Lorna’s work can take over 300 hours; this means that when you buy a painting from Lorna, whether large or small, you are getting something which is incredibly unique.