Carl Whitfield

Carl Whitfield

 The Artist Carl Whitfield was born in Leeds, in November, 1958. He started painting at the age of four and to this day is totally self taught. Carl first made a living from his artistic talent by air brush art on motorcycles and cars, which won him both a reputation and various awards, but his real passion was nature and Victorian/Edwardian artistry and their attention to detail and quality. Two of his favourite artists were Leeds artist Atkinson Grimshaw and the Midlands artist Edgar Hunt because they painted with such great detail and realism. Over the years, Carl has painted all manner of British Wildlife including farmyard scenes inspired by Edgar Hunt.

He does however enjoy the challenge of photo quality detail in his still life work, the more intricate the subject the better.

He is married with two children and to this day still lives in a quiet village on the outskirts of Leeds amidst the farms and fields, woods and wildlife that were such a huge part of his childhood.

All of his work is painted in oils and he is considered a leading artist in the subject of British Wildlife which is eagerly collected throughout the world.
After 25 years of selling original paintings of traditional British wildlife scenes,Carl’s work has now become very exclusive and collectible.

Carl has now opened this website to offer limited edition prints of a selection of his most popular artwork.

For several years now, Carl has struggled to meet the huge demand for his original artwork, so we have now produced this range of excellent prints from his original artworks to meet the demand and satisfy our growing clientele.

Follow the Wildlife Gallery link to view the current range of limited edition prints for sale. More wildlife prints will be added regularly.


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