Isabelle Ravet

Isabelle Ravet

Isabelle Ravet is a passionate young woman who, as far as she can remember, has always painted.
Her work began when she received a grant from the King Baudoin Foundation and participated in a fresco restoration project.
on the island of San Servolo in Venice. A new world opens up to her.

The artist then undertakes trips to Paris to perfect himself in the art of trompe l’oeil.
His path is now mapped out and projects are flocking: the restoration of the Mandarine Napoléon estate in Lille as well as the creation
of a new decoration and restaurant space: “Caprices d´ambiances” in Brussels.

At the same time, she created easel paintings and organized her first exhibition in Knokke le Zoute.

In her paintings, Isabelle Ravet explores the unknown beauty of ordinary things.
With the jubilation of the one who discovers a secret, his gaze locates and settles the beauty of reality.
His credo: “the everyday” involuntary witness of the painter’s personality.

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