Fred Smoolenaers

Fred Smoolenaers

Fred Smoolenaers, born February, 1st 1951 in Eindhoven (central Holland), was captivated, from his early childhood on, by the things in his surroundings that had a certain atmosphere. Those surroundings certainly influenced and inspired him later in life.

As a self-taught painter he learned a lot from his trips to the “Rijksmuseum” in Amsterdam, where he studied his “teachers” Rembrandt and Terborgh. Smoolenaers favours still lives. He particularly likes the idea how the smallest changes in shape, colour and light can transform a painting.

As Smoolenaers works longer on a painting, it starts to become a sort of meditation for him. Material things start to play a lesser role, but atmosphere and emotional values become more important.

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2005 Fred Smoolenaers, Tres-Art Zevenbergen
2006 Still Life, Kunsthandel Beckers
2007 Gallery Tresart, Zevenbergen
2007 Groep Show Gallery Veen&Vendelbosch, Dordrecht
2008 Gallery Veen&Vendelbosch, Dordrecht
2009 Groep Show Gallery Veen Dordrecht
2010 Gallery Veen Dordrecht
2010 Gallery van Veen
2011 Gallery van Veen
2012 Drie schilderijen Jan d’Art, Breda
2012 Gallery van Veen
2012 Jan d’Art Breda
2012 Gallery Tres-Art Breda
2013 Groep Show Gallery Pictura, Aijen L.
2013 Gallery van Veen, Dordrecht