Debora Makkus




‘What is special and impressive about Debora Makkus’s still lifes is that they are not still.
On the contrary, they are very dynamic and full of energy’
– Anthonie L. Stal, former Chairman RvT Kröller-Müller Museum

As a self taught artist Debora Makkus developed a dynamic realistic style.
In many (semi) transparent layers of acrylic paint she creates depth and vitality on linen.
She paints intuitively, with love for detail and the subject. In her still lifes she loves to paint old,
used objects, preferably with a patina, which breathe a rich past. In her portraits she wishes to dig beneath the surface.
In 2009 she had the honour of painting a portrait of Neelie Kroes on national television in the show ‘Sterren op het Doek’.

Work by Debora Makkus is part of (inter)national collections.
She regularly has exhibitions in museums, like late 2016 with the solo-exhibition ‘Arita.
Paintings by Debora Makkus’ in Japan Museum SieboldHuis.
This exhibitions shows her still lifes of Japanese porcelain from the Edo period, next to the original porcelain objects from a.o.
the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics and the Rijksmuseum.