Nathalie Mulero Fougeras

Nathalie Mulero Fougeras


Nathalie Mulero-Fougeras was born in 1970 in Lyon.
Daughter and granddaughter of artists, she discovered painting in the family studio.
At 19, she moved to Paris for a few years to study the history of art, the restoration of old paintings, pastel, painting and tapestry in different workshops.
Today, she lives in the south of France with her husband and her cat Sayuri.

Her painting (in a few words): Graphic, monochrome, figurative, contemporary, feminine, poetic, inhabited …

She likes (in a few words): Asia in general, Japan in particular, black, white, gray, red, green …

Cinema and literature in general, British and Asian in particular, childhood, flowers, butterflies, her cat Sayuri …

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