Diego Koi

Diego Koi

Diego Koi

The Italian painter and draftsman Diego Fazio, known as DiegoKoi, was born in Lamezia Terme in 1989. He currently lives and works in Feroleto Antico in the province of Catanzaro. DiegoKoi’s artistic technique is characterized by extreme precision and extreme attention to detail.

Accuracy and thematic variety

DiegoKoi enters the world of art as a self-taught, especially by reproducing Carpakoi, a variety developed in ancient China and then introduced in Japan, with a refined technique. The artist in his works does not follow a main theme precisely, but loves to vary, taking inspiration from everyday life, from movies or from music, anything that can excite him and touch the strings of his soul.

Extreme attention to detail

DiegoKoi uses one of the basic techniques of drawing, pencil on paper. The first emotion that captures those who observe his works is a mixture of amazement, disbelief and admiration. His works strike the viewer for their disarming realism and richness of details. DiegoKoi’s ability to perceive the hundreds of shades of chiaroscuro induces him to create contrasts that touch the soul of the observer.

Young artist on the rise

DiegoKoi has exhibited in galleries and art fairs internationally, also collecting several awards. He participated in the “Wonder Works” in Hong Kong curated by “The cat street gallery” in 2013, exhibited at the Clayarch Museum, the Deajeon Museum of Art and the SIMA Museum in South Korea in 2016.