Walter Brems

Walter Brems

Truth and thought
Silence is a cautiously creeping shadow in Walter Brems’ paintings. She is light and darkness at the same time. She emphasizes the ethereal nature of his figures and structures. The almost tangibly painted reality appears to be a dream image that we, viewers, nevertheless recognize as a reality grown out of experience and admire or reject according to the demands we place on what visual language is or can be.

At first sight he is a figurative painter who likes hyperrealism, which immediately provokes clear reactions in some. It is advisable, however, to linger in his scenes for a while so that one can experience how the figuration is approached and put into perspective by numerous ancillary presence. Structures grow around the delightful creature that has emerged from a delicate darkness into a white naturalness of aesthetics and dreaminess.

The quiet perfection of the overall image is built up from a today quite exceptional profession that transcends the virtuoso because what we see is a harmonious meeting of detail and predominant thought, of recognisability and a hidden rhythm, of darkness that transcends a multitude of shades and contains shifts, of tranquility in which purple has visibly nestled itself and a colorful discreet spot like a warm butterfly has settled down. His visual language is a smooth fusion of achievement and an innovative freedom that, like everything that characterizes Walter Brems, acts serenely and harmoniously without harming or obscuring the dominant thought.

Beauty is an ideal mirror on which feelings can be projected, melancholy grows, vulnerability becomes a spontaneously accepted concept, a delicate detail such as a hint of lace in the young woman’s dark dress emphasizes the fragility of the event.

It may sound strange, but we are of the opinion that on a spiritual level almost as much abstraction as figuration is present in his paintings and that in addition to the immediately real or realistic visible, just as much spiritual as real trompe-l’oeil is intensely present, but then only for those who wish to pause and delve deeper into a first elementary visual experience, literally and figuratively.

There is a hidden fragmentation in the paintings of Walter Brems. What we experience is the visible side of an ethereal thought. It is suggested and gradually built up, accompanied by motifs of recognisability, abstraction and a velvety concept and keys that distract and at the same time complement.

The strange and also haunting thing about the visual experience of Brems’ scenes is the fact that the viewer often gets stuck in the subtle aesthetics of the central fact, whereby one loses sight of the immediate environment, which nevertheless plays a fundamental role in image and thought. , suggestion and reality, concept and visual emotion. This environment lifts the central presence in function of its meaning. However, we should not lose sight of the fact that that environment is also richly pictorial. Anyone who ventures into it will discover the depth of Bremen’s oeuvre, its brilliance and its contemporary expressiveness.

Hugo Brutin (aica). November 2008

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Individuele tentoonstellingen:

1969 De zolder, Merksem
1970 Cultureel centrum Neder-over-Heembeek
gal. Gobin, Woluwe
1971 gal. Aymon, Oostende
1973 gal. Graph-X, St. Niklaas (start van eigen kunstgalerie)
1978 gal. Gulden Burijn, Antwerpen
1980 gal. Merlijn, Middelburg NL (met Jef Mouton)
gal. Jan de Maere, Brussel (met J.P. de Coster)
1981 gal. Pee, Eksaarde
1982 gal. De Groelaard, Schilde
gal. ’t Vlietje, Mechelen
1983 gal. Claridge’s, Halle-Zoersel (met Paul Goris)
gal. De Gryse, Tielt (met Joz. deLooze)
1984 gal. De Vuyst, Lokeren (met Roland Rens)
gal. Casteur, Genk
1985 gal. De Gouden Reaal, Antwerpen
gal. Fontaine, Asse (met Frank Mahieu)
gal. Eurodomus, Kuurne
gal. Spijker, Kruibeke
1986 hotel-restaurant Argos, Oost-Duinkerke
gal. Embryo, Leuven
1987 gal. Harmagedon, Kortrijk
1988 gal. Cum Laude, Brasschaat
1992 gal. Pantheon, Knokke
1993 gal. ’t Scoon Huys, Antwerpen
1994 kasteel Blauwendaal, Waasmunster
1996 gal. Harmagedon, Kortrijk
1998 gal. ’t Scoon Huys, Antwerpen (met Riet Bosch)
Lineart Gent (gal. Axpoele)
1999 gal. De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag NL
Lineart Gent (gal. Axpoele)
gal. Antilope, Lier (met Riet Bosch)
2000 Lineart Gent (gal. Frame)
2001 gal. Venus van Milo, Hoboken/Antwerpen
gal. Holland Art, Eindhoven NL (met Cornelius Le Mair & Louis Nagelkerke)
Lineart Gent, gal. Art-works, Antwerpen (met Myriam Eyckens)
gal. VCR, Antwerpen (met Hubert Minnebo)
2002 eglise St.Pierre- Adais, Senlis FR (met Walter de Rijcke)
2003 open deur- atelier, Hamme (met Riet Bosch)
gal. VCR, Antwerpen
gal. De Muelenare & Lefevere, Oostduinkerke (met Serge Gangolf)
2004 gal. Van Havermaet, Hasselt (met Riet Bosch)
2005 gal. VCR, “Brems & Friends”, (project met Kulhanék, Gazovic en Suchanék)
2005 Maaltebrugge-Kasteel, Gent
2006 gal. VCR, Antwerpen
2007 Didier Abbeloos Antiques, Schellebelle
2008 gal. Slavinsky, Sint-Petersburg (Rusland) (met René Veris & Jef Diels)
2009 “Caermersklooster” Gent – grote overzichtstentoonstelling “van verdrongen of gekoesterde verlangens”
2010 Art-Mix galerie, Antwerpen (met Hélène Jacubowitz)
2011 gal. Molensloot, Antwerpen (met diverse beeldhouwers)
2011 gal. idplusart, Hamme (met Riet Bosch)
Groepstentoonstellingen en Kunstbeurzen :

oa. te :Antwerpen, St.Niklaas, Lier, Gent, Oostende, Lokeren, Brussel, Mechelen, Mol, Leuven, Namur, Charleroi, Valencienes (F), Lille (F) Colmar (F), Senlis (F), Amsterdam (NL), Rotterdam (NL), Breda (NL), Eindhoven (NL), Bergen op Zoom (NL), Den Haag (NL), Utrecht (NL), Cagliari (I), Pescia (I), Cobourg (D), Berlin (D), Nienburg (D), Essen (D), Praag (Cs), Frederickshavn (Dk), Lodz (Pol), Barcelona (E), Sitges (E), Linz (A), Warschau (Pol), Sint-Petersburg (Rus), Johannesburg (SA), Dublin (Irl), Los Angeles (USA), Tianjin (China)
rondreizende tentoonstelling door Japan (grafisch werk)
rondreizende tentoonstelling – “Confrontaties” (world-tour 1993-95)
Art 18 Basel – kunstbeurs CH (1987)
Art 19 Basel – kunstbeurs CH (1988)
“La Poetica dell Imagine” – gal. Steltman – Amsterdam NL (1988)
“Art Sacré contemporain”, Eragny sur Oise (Fr) (2004)
“Een andere werkelijkheid”, Sint-Niklaas (2007)
“RealismeN 7+1=9” , Gent (2010)
“Realisme in Vlaanderen”, Rosendaal NL (2011)
Werken in openbare verzamelingen:

De Belgische Staat, Nat. Bank van België, Kon. Bibliotheek (Chalcografie), Stad Ronse, Stad St.Niklaas, Stad Dendermonde, Provinciebestuur Oost-Vlaanderen, Provinciebestuur Antwerpen, Ex-Libris-centrum St.Niklaas, Frederickshavn Kunstmuseum (Dk), Museum v/schone kunsten Gent, Bonnefanten museum (NL), Senaat, Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers, Federaal Ministerie van Economie, kabinet van de Gouverneur Provincie Antwerpen –officieel portret van Gouverneur C.Paulus
én in voorname privé- verzamelingen .

Prijzen en onderscheidingen :

1970 Zilveren medaille ‘ Academie Europeene ‘, Charleroi
1971 Prix d’honneur ‘ Torriani ‘, Valenciennes (Fr)
Laureaat CSC prijs v/schilderkunst, St.Niklaas
Laureaat Rotaryprijs v/graveerkunst, Brussel
1976 Laureaat 1ste ex-libris wedstrijd, St.Niklaas
1979 Laureaat Int. Ex-libris wedstrijd , Frederickshavn (Dk)
1980 Eervolle vermelding ‘ prijs v/ tekenkunst ‘, Ronse
1981 Eervolle vermelding ‘ prijs v/schilderkunst ‘ Grimbergen
Laureaat nat. Wedstrijd ontwerp postzegel 25 jaar CEPT.
Laureaat ‘ prijs v/tekenkunst, Ronse
Eindselectie persprijs, Dendermonde
1982 Eervolle vermelding ‘ prijs v/grafische kunsten, Grimbergen
1983 Eervolle vermelding ‘ prijs v/tekenkunst ‘, Kortenberg
1984 Laureaat ‘prijs v/tekenkunst ‘, Kortenberg
1993 Prijs van het publiek, ets “geen weg terug” (gekozen uit meer dan 2000 werken), “first graphic-biennale” Mecc Maastricht (NL)

publicaties :

. Arte Grafika – 1988 (nr 0) / 3 full-pages (?)
. Kunstwerk (NL) – 1999 (nr 3/99) -/ 2 full-pages (Piet Bogaert)
. The art of Living (NL) – 2004 / 4 full-pages (Willem van den Heuvel)
. Attitude – 2004 / 2 full-pages (Guido Kuppens)
. Isel – 2007 (nr 17) / 6 full-pages (Frank Pollet)
. Atelier – 2009 (nr 143) / 4 full-pages (Bruni Mortier)
. + catalogi van diverse tentoonstellingen …

. Kortfilm “portrait of artists Walter Brems and Yves Storms” door Quinten Brems – 2009 – 16 min –
met dank aan Hugo Brutin, Dirk Brossé en Yves Storms.

. TV reportage / interview – Exqi-Culture – 15 min – tgv. tentoonstelling Caermersklooster- Gent 2009.

. Catalogus tentoonstelling : “van verdrongen en gekoesterde verlangens” – 64 blz – uitg. Provinciebestuur Oost-Vlaanderen
auteurs: Lode van Pee, Bart Libbrecht, Erik Strieleman, Hugo Brutin, met voorwoord door Jozef Dauwe.

. Boek: Monografie (gebonden – 154 blz), uitg. Roularta Art books- 1992 –
auteurs: Marcel Van Jole, J.P.Debruyn, Jan Fonce.

. Monografie: Etsen-Walter Brems – Uitg. Mercator-Plantijn 1983 – 47 blz.
Auteur : Nina Onzia

Galeries / Gallery’s :

. Giardino
Rijksweg 31 – Berg en Terblijt (Maastricht) – Nederland

. Agora 3
carrer nou 20 – Sitges (Barcelona) – España

. ID+Art
Hamme – België