Juan Manuel Cossio

Juan Manuel Cossio

Juan Manuel Cossio

BORN- Madrid, 1960

Juan Manuel Cossio uses an airbrush as his principal working tool to build up these beautifully detailed paintings. In doing so, he has taken an instrument originally designed to simply retouch photographs and instead utilises it in order to recreate a photographic image in its entirety…

“The figures in his works are often dressed in white robes and placed in functional, minimalistic interiors. This leaves each of Cossio’s paintings devoid of a context in time or place and means that it is the women’s facial expressions and the placement of their bodies which primarily do the talking in these pieces- rather than the clothes they wear or the spaces they inhabit.

“It often seems as though Cossio has taken as a starting point a classical composition from one of the Old Masters and transported the arrangement into another dimension, taking the original from its specific context and leaving us with an expertly depicted arrangement of figures in empty space. Thus, compositions have religious or classical compositions (such as “Crucifixion II”), and yet they nevertheless succeed in being resolutely contemporary.”

From: “Juan Cossio” at the Albemarle Gallery.
Juan Cossio Statement

“I create images starting from a contradiction: I am a painter who does not want to paint reality. I want to interpret it and to reproduce it with all the means that are at my reach.”

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Art and History studies in the Complutense University of Madrid.
1984- Monographic course given by Antonio López in the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid to learn about contemporary realism first hand
1985- Copyist at the Museo del Prado
1986- Studied with Manuel Franquelo, where he developed his technique and skill of ‘New Realism’

2008- “Juan Cossio”, Albemarle Gallery, London.
2005- Sammer Gallery, Marbella


2011- “Winter Show”, Plus One Gallery, London
2010- “Winter Show”, Plus One Gallery, London
2009- Plus One Gallery, London
2009- “Realism Redefined”, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Dubai
2008- Participates in the Fair Art Nocturne Knocke, Belgium
2008- Albermale Gallery
2007- Participates in the Fair “Luxury Please”, Vienna
2007- “Realism”, Sammer Gallery
2006- “The Female Poser”, Sammer Gallery, Marbella
2005- Sammer Gallery, Marbella
2005- Participates in the Palm Beach Art Fair, Sammer Gallery, Miami
2005- Vazquez Kunst Gallery.Holland
2005- “What is Realism”, Albemarle Gallery, London
2004-The Spanish Post Office chooses the painting “Nativity” for its reproduction on stamp.
2003- “XXV Anniversary of the Spanish Consitution”, Museo Casa de la Moneda
2003- “Small Format”, Gema Lazcano Gallery
2003- “Feria DeArte of Madrid”, Gema Lazcano Gallery
2003- “Arcanes Contemporaries”, Clave Gallery
2003- “Arcanes Contemporaries”, Clave Gallery, Murcia
2002- “International Contemporary Art Fair of Seville”, Puchol Gallery, Valencia
2001- Clave Gallery, Murcia
2000- “Forms and Volumes”, Heller Gallery, Madrid
1999- “LatinAmerican Art Fair of Caracas”, Heller Gallery
1997- “Classic and Modern of the Reality”, Heller Gallery, Madrid