Erik Tierolf

Et200302 Cleaner Ood 60 X 50 Cm


Erik Tierolf was born in Renesse in 1963. He studied at the A.K.I. from 1982 to 1987. Enschede.

Since 1991 he has made realistic work, preferably people and animals. He paints this with oil on canvas. The sea is also a source of inspiration for Tierolf. The eloquence in his work lies in his choice of the performance he puts on the canvas. Seemingly beautiful, realistic images that reveal the existence of a deeper meaning only at second glance due to the alienated elements.
With his work, Tierolf comments on various aspects of existence.


Galeria d’art Zero, Barcelona
Gemeentelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts, New York
Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam
Galerie Magenta, Nijmegen, Holland
Gemeente Museum, Katwijk, Holland
Gemeente Museum, Alkmaar, Holland
Art Classica, Buenos Aires
Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt am Main

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