Antonio Macedo

Antonio Macedo

António Pedro Urbano Veiga de Macedo

I was born in Oporto, Portugal, in 1955

I attended the local art school, the ” Escola Superior de Belas Artes ” in 1973-74

In 1975 I moved to London, where I continued to research into all kinds of painting techniques so as to develop my own style. Over the years, the close proximity to the great Art collections in the Capital, the study of so many great images, and contacts and friendships with artists in the U.K. and Portugal did much to help me learn what cannot be taught at Art School.

The craft is a difficult one; learning it, a labour of love. I fell under the spell of particular artists work successively .

Curiously, I first learnt to love the primitive flemish painters, then the Renaissance Masters, then Velazquez, Vermeer, Ingres, and so on, progressing through the history of European Painting to the present day figurative painters such as Dali or Antonio Lopez.

All these have been my real masters, much more than any present day teacher, and much can be learnt through the difficult but fascinating study of their work, if only one can see.

But to see, to really SEE, one must love, and I am passionate about my Teachers, for I owe them my craft .

There comes a time though when one must follow one’s own path, and accept the shortcomings and potential gains of one’s choices.

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To list exhibitions I have participated in is about as enlightening as to enumerate the cities I have visited, or books I have read. I do not believe that exercise can be a guide to value, artistic or otherwise, But for all it is worth, here it goes:

1975 – I moved from Oporto to London, where my work was sold and promoted through John Whiteley Ltd.

1976 – I worked with the Pantiles Gallery, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where I moved to to be close to London and yet in more peaceful surroundings.

1984 – My paintings were sold through the W.H.Patterson Gallery ( London )

1986 – I finished my degree with the Open University

1987 – My work was promoted through the Christopher Wood Gallery ( London )

from 1997 onwards my work has been presented to the public, promoted and sold through the Galeria Cordeiros, in Oporto, Portugal.

Individual exhibtions

1981 and 1984 – Fundação Eng. António de Almeida ( Oporto )

1986 – Museu Municipal de Aveiro

1990 – Galeria Nazareth ( Oporto )

1995 – Galeria Euroarte ( Lisbon )

1996 – Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda ( Porto )

1998, 2001 and 2004 – Galeria Cordeiros ( Porto )

I have participated in quite a number of collective exhibitions, eg : 1978-82 – Pantiles Gallery ( T.Wells) and Gillridge Gallery ( Mayfield), 1979 – Royal Academy summer exhibition ( London), W,H, Patterson ( London ),York Gallery ( Tunbridge Wels ), National Society ( London ), Royal Society of British Artists ( London),1987 – Cristopher Wood Gallery, 1988 – Mitsokshi Corporations ( Tokyo) ,Galeries Art-Vie ( Paris ), 1989 – Exponor (Oporto), Royal Intitute of Oil Painters ( London), Galeria Simbolo ( Oporto),1993 – Convento dos Loios ( Feira), 1994 – Convento do Beato ( Lisbon ), Salão Jardim ( Oporto), Galeria Forma ( Braga), 1995 – Europarque ( Feira), Galeria Mellado (S. Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain),1997 – Galeria Cordeiros ( Oporto), 1998 – Expo 98 ( Lisbon ), Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Bienal de Placência ( Spain ), and quite a few collective exhibitions organized by Galeria Cordeiros in Portugal and abroad from 1997.

First prize at the Royal Institute of iol Painters ( London) in 1989

Mention of honour at the Bienal Of Placência ( Spain) in 1999

Member of the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes ( Lisbon )

Member of the Cooperativa Árvore ( Oporto)