Liseth Visser

Portret Liseth Visser

In the past 15 years much has changed in Liseth Vissers life.

She started as a self-taught artist, studied classical painting by Cornelis Le Mair, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and decided in 2013 to quit her social career to devote herself entirely to painting. Since then she can be found in her studio at home 7 days a week, where she not only paints commissioned work but also runs a portrait school.

Liseth paints portraits because she sees and wants to depict the beauty of the human figure, she strives to capture the uniqueness of each model. No two people are alike. All faces have similarities, but just as many differences; each of us is a unique human specimen. As a portraitist she focuses on the most beautiful, interesting part of the model.
You have to choose, according to Liseth, wanting to tell everything in one work becomes chaos, people are far too complex for that. Liseth’s techniques, based on those of the old masters, are only a means to achieve an appealing, well-built work.

“I make an attempt to translate a beautiful piece of reality into a pictorial idiom,” says Liseth “and try to create the illusion of three-dimensionality on a banal flat plate”. The work starts with a monochrome underpainting, followed by paintings in a limited, grayed-out color palette and is completed with layers of glazing that create the warm poetic ambiance that characterizes her works.