Jürgen Schmitz

Jürgen Schmitz

Each painting by Jürgen Schmitz is a sketch of his very personal worldview, and each painting is autonomous and authentic.

Schmitz does not seek and find his sujets worldwide, but often very close by, in unexpected and never-before-painted places, in unspectacular and apparently boring landscapes, but sometimes also on famous places such as the city of Cologne with the cathedral.

Jürgen Schmitz finds the unseen, the overlooked, feels and knows how to make it not only visible but also tangible.

A landscape is always a surprise to him, every path a discovery, both with a view to the sky and ahead. Compositions of many impressions and possibilities. Something very special.

The works of Jürgen Schmitz are not color sketches, not watercolors, not made on site, they are exclusively oil paintings made in the studio. The dying processes, which take longer due to the drying phases, leave time for sensitive compositions. The landscape “grows” in his studio.