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Mainly as an autodidact, Jan Teunissen fights in his studio in Best (southern Netherlands) for the most realistic representation in his paintings. Mainly still lifes with images of everyday objects such as an old vase, fruit or flowers placed on an old shelf. In recent years, using the claire obscur technique with great attention to color and strong contrasts of light and dark, he has increasingly brought a somewhat mystical atmosphere to his work. An atmosphere that suits him and can also be found in his living environment.

In addition to the Netherlands, Jan Teunissen’s paintings have been exhibited and sold in countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Taiwan and Qatar.

“Remarks that evoke my still life paintings, such as: “You would like to take a bite of it”, “You can almost smell the fruit” or “At any moment a worm can crawl out of the pears” bring me the confirmation to be on the road in “realism”. No bigger than lifelike, captured in a somewhat mystical atmosphere with a lot of attention to details, light and reflections is what I strive for in my paintings”, according the painter.

St. Pictura
Aijenseweg 16b,
5854PT Aijen / Bergen L.