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Crane Brita Seifert Pastel Colored Pencil On Canvas 60 X 90 Cm

Our online gallery presents a wide range of leading artists of contemporary realism.


Contemporary Realism is a style of painting that, through technical mastery,
accuracy and optical illusion can bring the viewer to astonishment and admiration.

Realism is much more than a reflection of reality.

The adventure of reality begins where what is supposed to be known perceived as new and
the things of everyday’s life are rediscovered and new interpreted.


Bs200902 Passion Pastel Colored Pencil On Canvas 60 X 60 Cm



An artist’s name is usually the first name and surname. That’s why on this website the artists starting in alphabetical order with their first name.

St. Pictura
Aijenseweg 16b,
5854PT Aijen / Bergen L.